Kurdfonts Set 4 کوردفۆنت ٤

This set contains fonts that are considered premium fonts, since they are technically well designed and have different weight and styles. Often made by companies like Microsoft, Adobe and Google etc...

Number of fonts: 28

Download Droid Kufi Regular
Download Greta Text Arabic Medium
Download ir kharazmi
Download ir sans medium
Download Droid Naskh Regular
Download ir rounded
Download Droid Kufi Bold
Download Droid Naskh Bold
Download ir sans b
Download Greta Text Arabic Bold
Download ir sans
Download Greta Text Arabic Light
Download ir sans light
Download ir sans ulight
Download ir sharp
Download ir b
Download ir sharp printsize
Download ir sb


Download ir
Download ir sharp m
Download Greta Text Arabic Regular
Download HS Alkitab Bold
Download HS Alkitab Regular
Download harmattan
Download Harmattan Regular
Download ir bl
Download Banan Italic
Download Banan